All her dreams are made of strawberry lemonade . . .


Yah.. so, check this out... .. I got this bag about 5 years ago.. my ex bought it for me in New York City when they first came out. Yep.. first season LAMB bags.. large hella hobo Gwen Stefani bags from Leportsac. For those not familiar with the product.. check it out in the picture (the PURSE i'm wearing.. stop looking at me licking the cone.. you perverts..)

Now check this shit out. The friggen bag is selling for $500 on eBay. Nuts? Yah.. i thought so. Check it out for yourself: click click click

Good times.

Maybe I should sell my LAMB bags? I could use some crack money.

; ))))



Christopher said...

The only Hobo i see in that photo is some freak licking a smurf. Stay warm. stay off the drugs. Eat more. Meet more.