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HA .. yah that was the title on my old website info page. I came across it and i laughed at the shit i wrote in it about 8 years ago. Anyhoo.. i saw this astrological profile thingie for me that i posted at the time.. and i was just reading it.. and i can't believe how true it still is about me. Hrmm.. i guess people never really change. ANyhoo.. i'll post it on here. . since i don't plan on linking you to my old website. cuz it's pretty gayness.. CHEERS! : )))


Virgo in love
August 23-September 22
© 2000 Linda Rankin

Virgo is the mutable earth-sign. There is movement but it is controlled, thought oriented and grounded. Virgo is a mind ruled person and they give their love slowly and with great seriousness. They dislike overt and grand standing displays of attention or emotion and will retreat inside themselves to escape it. They are a controlled person and their emotions fall into that category. When their heart is captured their loved on becomes a receptor to all the feelings and passions that Virgo has been keeping inside. At times even more expectations and conditions can be piled onto the lover simply because they are now holding the Virgos cherished feelings and dreams. In love they are devoted, loyal and nurturing. They have high self expectations and equally high expectations of their loved ones. They adore strength especially the dignified and quiet kind. They will tend to and take care of their loved one with diligence and has become their 'job'. Love has to make sense for the has to fit into their idea and ideal of what their life is about. Once a lover has managed to slip into one of their dreams or plans the Virgo will hold onto that picture forever. They will go out of their way to make the union work and will spare no sacrifice in keeping it alive.

Virgo Sexuality: Virgos needs a certain setting, a definite layer of built up trust and privacy to allow their sexual sides to come out and play. Cleanliness is always important as is the 'right' setting. Virgo is inherently shy especially about their sensual needs but don't let that shyness fool you into thinking there is no fire lurking below the surface. They can become as devoted and focused on exploring their sexuality with a trusted lover as they are about making their life work. They have a completely uninhibited (yes this word applies to Virgo) potential that is lust filled and yet still retains a sense of purity. Virgos are notorious for their high standards in selecting a sexual partner but once those standards have been met pure sensual pleasure is the reward.

The long term story: Life is orderly with a Virgo. Some may live in a messy house with overflowing laundry and unorganized shelves but within your mate there is some sense of strict control that is directed into some facet of life. They are caretakers and need to feel comfortable enough to slip into that role. They can nag and criticize but they usually have their lovers best interests at heart. They don't mind taking on more than their share of work and once committed they stay committed. They are time oriented, schedule craving souls who cannot tolerate a late mate or a scattered life energy.

Positive Traits in Love: Nurturing, devoted, uninhibited, caring, loving, sacrificial, quiet, considerate, protective.

Negative traits: Coldness, inability to be demonstrative, calculating, hard edged, overly critical, judgmental, compulsive.

    What Virgo likes:
  • Feeling secure.
  • Personal cleanliness.
  • Routines.
  • Loyalty
  • Being pampered when down.
  • Equality
  • Subtle displays of romance.
  • Dedication
  • Being active

    What Virgo Dislikes:
  • Tardiness
  • Vulgarity
  • Loud displays of affection.
  • Personal untidiness.
  • Hypocrisy
  • Weakness
  • Complaining
  • Idleness