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Sunday Bloody Sunday.

ALWAYS, the maker of "feminine sanitary napkins".. aka.. PADS, have this new promotion. On the little stick and peel paper on the adhesive of their pads.. it says the following in fancy little script:

    Have a Happy Period.

ummmmmmm... ok.. last time I checked, there is absolutely nothing fucking nice or "HAPPY" about having your period/time of the month. You're an emotional wreck, you're bloated, you're doubled over in PAIN, and not to mention the fact that you're friggin BLEEDING for 3-5 days non-stop! Holy shit! Who the hell came up with this promotion? Is it a joke? Because I didn't think it was funny at all.... So, the people at ALWAYS have a fucking SICK twisted sense of humour. Yep. So, all I have to say is:



Anyways, I have nothing else to add except that on top of the above rant.. I'm still sick.. my ears are in SO much pain.. I'm behind on reading because I've been working non-stop.. and to top it all off.. WE MIGHT BE GOING ON STRIKE!! because .. you know.. I really don't have enough things happening in my life at the moment.. :-////

GREAT. all I need is to be not working and not making money. and not paying my bills. GOOD TIMES!!


I'm using my period as an excuse as to why I ate an entire half pound bag of BRIGHT PINK peanut M&M's. (and plus money was donated to breast cancer research when you purchased them.. so, I ate them for a good cause! true story!)

.... and on that note, I'm going to bed.

much love:


missc said...

haha.. I heard the commercial on TV months ago.. and I would piss jason off saying it in her voice.. over an over.. "Have a Happy Period"

Hope you get better soon