All her dreams are made of strawberry lemonade . . .

Vicks & Robitussin.

I am SOOO sick again. I have this awful cough.. a chest cold or something.. maybe a flu.. no clue.. but I'm coughing up a storm. I try not to move or talk.. because I cringe at the thought of coughing. Everytime i do.. this insane pain shoots through my entire body causing me to jolt and flinch in agony. fun times huh? Anyhoo.. there seems to be a reason why I'm always sick.. and not so much that I'm always sick.. but I always tend to feel REALLY sick when i do get common colds and such. And.. it's not normal. Exciting? Yah.. that's what i thought. : (((

Anyhoo.. So, starting to today.. I have to cut out a shitload of things from my diet. I'm not allowed to have any caffeine anymore. Seriously.. i might just die on this alone because i live off my coffees. No more cigarettes. or booze. not that those were a huge problem considering i was more of a social smoker and i barely drink these days. But for the time being... nada. These are more on my own accord.

But in all seriousness.. there is something wrong and I'm undergoing testing right now to figure out what it is.. although... we kinda already have an idea. But I think at this point, I would just be satisfied knowing that there is something there and putting a name to it.. to explain all these aches and pains all the time. So, wish me luck. : )))

The return of saturn .. assessing my life... time to take the reins and get this shit in order. I gotta look after myself and fix it. The rest can wait.

Cheers! : )))