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Happy Pancakes & Anniversary Day!

That's a double happy day. You got it! Two in one goodness. Oh yahhhhhh.. ; ))))

Today is Shrove Tuesday (or as others call it, Fat Tuesday or whatever else you'd like to call it). So, I got up bright and early this morning to make banana chocolate chip pancakes for my family. They be yummies and delish. And now i'm going to pass out. I just finished cleaning up.. I'm enjoying my coffee.. and I'll most likely go lay down again.. considering I didn't get much sleep and I've already been up for over 2 hours. Sick.

It is also my parents 36 year anniversary today. They already celebrated early and went to Casinorama yesterday.. my parents being major compulsive gamblers.. haha any excuse to go really.. hehe :))))))

Anyhoo.. buon anniversario mamma e papĂ !!

(this is an old pic of them that we have framed.. maybe i should get it fixed for them..
maybe it'll be next years present.. haha!)


Edit: And VOILA! here's an edited version of the picture. Thanks toShhphotos on flickr!! : )))))