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New shades!!!

I went to Winner's to buy a new pair of runners.. cuz seriously.. my old ones were SO worn out and crusty looking.. that it was seriously embarrassing wearing them at the gym.. i felt like such a dirty hobo!!!!!!!! ew ew ew.

SO... while at Winner's.. i walked by the handbags.. and was passing the sunglasses rack when this one pair caught my eye.. they were dangling half off the rack.. and glistened gold.. they stood out from the rest of the bland looking shades. So, i picked them up..and put them on... and VOILA! they fit perfectly!!! I think my face is just really warped or sumpin.. cuz sunglasses never fit me nicely.. i have to search forever to find a pair that fit me snug and perfect. So.. contrary to my extremely warped facial structures.. these ones fit most divinely. So... haha even though i didn't *NEED* to buy them...... I purchased them anyways. That's my little splurge of the week. or month.. since i never go shopping anymore. but whatever!!! i need new shit. so, i don't feel that bad. and YES this entire post is about my fucking kick ass new sunglasses. w00t w00t!

and here they BE!!! : )))))))))))))))))

i LUFFF them!! they are most fabulousnessssssss.

now i must go and watch Tempesta (& overdose on mini eggs) before my sister kills me dead.

ciao ciao lovelies!!! :)))))))
*mUaH* .xoxoxo.


Anonymous said...

Nice PJ's!

Giusi. said...

thanks. hahaha B's sister bought them for me YEARRRRRRRRS ago for xmas. they're so old. i think i was like 21 when i got them.. OLD.