All her dreams are made of strawberry lemonade . . .

So make a move, cuz i ain't got all night

Boredom strikes!

Which leads to:

  1. laying on the couch while playing Bubble Burst and listening to tunes on digital radio station,

  2. doodling cute girls with cute hair and rockin' outfits and writing fake love notes that i never intend to send

  3. giving up being bored.. and dragging my ass back online to be more bored over here

MissC is sick at home.. otherwise we would be somewhere else being bored together.. at least.. which would probably be less boring. But nothing is dull and boring when we go near it. Impossible. We make running laps around the airport an event never to be forgotten!

But she is sick. And I am car-less. So, I blog.

While I was browsing away.. I came across an artist who is now one of my favourites. She is so beyond talented and I want one of her paintings on my wall. Look how amazing these are:

Anyhoo, you must go and check her out here

On another note.. I'd just like to add that I'm 40 days away from completing my 365 Days project. I'm actually a tad sad about it.. but I'll be glad to not have the pressure of having to take a foto every single day. I will compile a collage of sorts when I'm done and make a post about it. Maybe...

Day 323 / 365

Two more weekends until it's dance time. I'm ready.

So.. Hey.. I'm sure you've all noticed I've completely revamped my blog. The old one was very dreary and dark.. and I was tired of it. I needed something a lot more bright and plain. Yep.

Sleep beckons me now. I'm an old fart and I have class tomorrow.

Plus, I'm getting my hair done. Tomorrow, that is.
I'm excited.

much love:
~G. xoxo.

P.S. This poem makes me feel ill. :(