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Happy New Year Everyone!!!

I feel the need to post because I want to blog and post all kinds of stuff..... but I have a bit of an issue. I've been feeling SO uninspired lately. I'm not sure if it's because of the doldrums of winter that drag me down... or if it's because I've just been too busy lately without anything really new and exciting to add zest to my life... but either way.. I feel as if I am in some sort of stagnant lull for the time being and I'm not quite sure how to veer out of it... or if I'm supposed to be out of it right now. Either way, It's driving me insane. I crave something new and invigorating so so badly... it hurts. A bit dramatic.. aren't I. ;D

My incessant need for grandeur, glamour and greatness is a tad suffocating at the moment. Not that I need to be great and glam or anything like that. I just need a little bit of spice and seasoning to flavour it up for a short little while at least. Unfortunately... being a student who has taken out no loans and is paying out of her own little pockets means that I have neither the time nor money to do so. Mostly... the time.

I could sit here and post random crap that means nothing... or I can sit here and bitch and whine about shit that I'm not pleased with as of late... but it is nothing new that I haven't dealt with previously.. so, even complaining about it is boring.

I can post fotos of cute and fun things... like, my cookies:

my super duper most amazing mittens:

me feetsies in these B-A-N-A-N-A-S toe socks:

....but my fotos are all dull and boring too lately. As I'm nearing the end of my 365 project... I've run out of ideas for fotos as well as the motivation and drive to conjure up exciting and incredible photo shoot ideas. Blah...

I'm so bored with myself that I'm even sitting here rolling my eyes thinking.. "yer gunna post this crap..? Really?" .. hahaaaa yes.. I frequently have conversations with myself.

I know that I have a crapload of plans for the near future and I know that in time there's a big change coming on... and I'm excited for all of it. But I'm impatient. And I want something new.. as of yesterday!! and not tomorow.

So, I say to you all...

Somebody; Anybody.. come and inspire me. I dare you to.

much love:
~G .xoxo.


missc said...


Giusi. said...

hahaha thanks :)))
my little sister bought them for me.

daysandamused said...

i WANT those cookies!
what did you use on the faces?

Giusi. said...

i used this food marker thingie. it's MissC's. she's the baker :)

and then just royal icing dots for the cheeks.