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Always, Sometimes, Never

I stole this from my friend Jen's blog. She always posts amazing things... and I quite liked this little bit of thing she wrote out. So.. here is my always, sometimes and never list. I'm sure i could write a thousand more things for each of them.. but this is what i wrote for now.

I always:

- daydream
- want to learn new things
- keep a journal by my bed (I should write in it more…)
- make wishes on things
- cross my fingers
- want to give everyone advice.. (even when they don’t ask)
- am polite
- swear too much
- listen to music
- have many projects on the go
- express my feelings through songs
- laugh. A lot.
- want to do everything
- speak in code and write words with hidden meanings
- say “dood!”
- have been shy when I like someone
- squish my moo moo kitty faces, Lilly
- cook too much food
- have an abundance of hope.. (though, I haven’t the faintest clue why…)
- was a loner by choice
- only buy AE boy undies
- rewatch my favourite movies several times
- want to be just the way I am

I sometimes:

- really love cheesy songs
- am not totally and completely impulsive with my feelings
- become obsessed with new things I like, then lose interest quickly
- read my own books (that aren’t school textbooks)
- buy things I do not need
- bite the inside of my lip
- wear make-up
- sing loudly while walking & listening to my headphones (when no one’s around..)
- imagine things that were never really like that. Ever.
- put the music full blast and dance around like a nutcase
- wish the way I thought about things was different. It would be so much easier…
- make crafty things & bake cuteness
- watch my VHS tapes and listen to cassettes, while my sister laughs at me

I never:

- find what I’m looking for
- am clingy.. and I hate clinginess in people
- take naps
- get over it
- do what’s best for me as much as I should be…
- go after boys I like. Ever. If they really liked you, they’d go after you.
- let my friends down
- want to go back
- want to be a dull grown-up.
- throw out my shoes
- will outgrow No Doubt. Ever.
- leave my hair my natural colour cuz I think it’s so dull
- know how to say what I want. So.. I just don’t say anything at all.
- want to stop caring this much
- untie my laces when I take off my shoes
- want to live far from my family
- understand most people
- expect anyone to understand me
- want to let the magic die


daysandamused said...

aww. this was soo good.
ae boys unders? i'll have to try that.
i love learning new things about my friends :)

Giusi. said...

ha me too.. i posted it to facebook.. and no one has done it yet