All her dreams are made of strawberry lemonade . . .

Two of the same don't make a match.

Gawd.. I'm going to sound like such a stupid bitch for this post.. but I can't help it. I'm sorry.. and I'm SOO sorry for being an asshole and saying this.. but i just needed it to be out there.

What is it with guys thinking that someone just like them is perfect? Most guys look for a girl that is the same as them.. and they fall hard for it. "omg this girl is so perfeeeeect" or whatever. Because she's so similar to him. it's uncanny sometimes. same star signs.. make them a perfect match.. cuz they're such like-thinkers.. could it be anymore fabulous? NO. WRong. SO WRONG. It's never a good match. It SOMETIMES works out.. but mostly not.

Girls don't want a dood who's just like them. Girls can be great friends with someone like that.. they have so much in common in terms of personality and ideas, mannerisms, thoughts, etc etc etc.. you catch my drift.

And maybe I shouldn't speak on behalf of all girls because I'm only speaking from my own experiences........ but honestly.. i don't WANT someone like me. If i wanted someone like me.. i'd marry myself.. and make sweet love to myself all day long. .MmmmMMmm xxxx. hehehe

And i'm SO sorry if I seem like i'm being unfair and a total jerk for thinking like this.. but i can't help it. and if i already know that.. then what's the point of trying? I'm not attracted to people who are like me. I can be great friends with them.. i sure can.. but that's it. Hell, i dunno how people are even attracted to me half the time.. : // but SERIOUSLY.... don't take it personally. don't get offended. It's not about YOU. it's not about ME. IT's just the way the stars were aligned. and Sure.. it's not always set in stone.. BUt sorry man.. it's pretty much true almost all the freaking time.

Two of the same almost NEVER make a good match.

Just accept it. And people, go look for something different and better. :))
I promise you'll find a good long lasting love that can overcome anything and everything.