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Studying abroad.

My professor was at my work yesterday and she spoke to me about the summer trip to Italy. You go to Bologna for one month and it's intensive classes on language and culture. She really thinks I should consider going. I want to SO bad.. Lord knows how much I miss it so badly there... and some of my relatives live right near there. ... but the deadline to register is in just over a week... and I honestly don't have the cash to spend right now. I really wish I had heard about it sooner.. because I would've went for sure. The only reason I never gave it a thought before was because it was so much money.. but she just informed me that all students applying for a bursary to study to abroad, get the approval and money for it! I wish I knew that sooner! Well, either way.. if I can't this summer.. I will for sure next summer.. now that I have that information.

But.. I'm still considering going for this summer.. .. I'm going to try to make it happen *crosses fingers*.. wish me luck!!! : )))

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