All her dreams are made of strawberry lemonade . . .

Hydration has never been so yummy!

Tired of drinking just plain ol' water to hydrate? Well, here are two of my staple items that I drink on a daily basis. They're fabulous, super great for you.. and they taste fantastic! You can pretty much get them at most convenient stores.

Aloe vera drink: Ok seriously.. this stuff is so fucking DELICIOUS. it has these little floaties in it that remind me of the green grapes my neighbour used to grow on his vines. (it's available in sugar free in some places.. but i prefer the regular).

Aquafina Plus+ with antioxidants (vitamin water): I know there's a bunch of these so-called vitamin waters flooding the market in the past little while but my favourite for the time being is this one by Aquafina.. which is interesting.. because i dislike regular Aquafina water. It seems to have this tinny taste to it all the time. Anyhoo, the vitamin water has antioxidants in it as well.. and it comes in three flavours (that i've seen so far) Pomegranate Cherry, Passionfruit Citrus, and Blackcherry Grape.. which is my favourite!

I am, however, slightly displeased.. as they may be discontinuing it and have just the vitamin water (minus antioxidants) which, from what i've heard, doesn't taste nearly as good for some unknown reason.
: (( booo urns!


anyhoo, I'm off to sleepy town. So, go get yerself some good drinkage and feel fantatic!!!