All her dreams are made of strawberry lemonade . . .

Wanted: new immune system.

Apparently, being sickly is my middle name. I'm going to blame it on the amount of stress I endure and because I keep it inside and it just wrecks havoc on my entire body and mind. So.. yes. I'm ill. again. what else is new. This is a quick update. I barely have enough energy to sit up right now. I could just pass out. Not sure if it's cuz the sickness or the fact that i haven't eaten anything.

So.. to make a long story short.. started having this weird pressure headache on monday night.. woke up tuesday kinda stiff and sore.. but just chalked it up to my cruddy mattress and sleeping in a weird position. so.. it was ok. i went to school.. but as the day progressed I started feeling worse. By evening my neck had seized up on me and i couldn't move it.. i could barely stand and i couldn't wait to get home and pass out in my bed. By the time i got home it was way worse. My head was killing me, my neck would not budge.. shoulders, back and spine were hurting, i was running a fever and had shortness of breath. I felt so awful : (( I called the telehealth nurse people because i wanted to enquire about my health card (cuz it expired on my birthday last weekend and i wanted to know how i get care without it).. but when she heard about my symptoms, she was very concerned and urged me to go to the emerg. So.. i did. i didn't want to. I wanted to sleep. i was so tired and had no energy.. but my sisters said to go. So, i waited for my sister Lu to come back from school and she took me. once the triage nurse saw me and i was registered.. it didn't take long for them to call me in. and they quickly put me in isolation. i went into the room by myself and shortly after my sister comes in.. and she was in a gown and mask. ha so insane. it's like outbreak! they took loads of blood tests and stuff. monitored my condition. but the pain got so bad i asked them to give me something. later on the Dr came in to see me and talk to me and he said that they thought it might be meningitis.. and that there's really only one test to take that will tell for sure. It's a lumbar spine needle. If you dunno what that is.. well, lemme tell you.. it's probably the single most scariest thing ever.. and i was praying to God that i would be better because the last thing i wanted was this needle. you have no idea how terrified i am of it and how much i don't want it. (For those not familiar.. you have to kinda curl up and they shove this ginormous needle in the base of your spine to extract fluid from your spine.)
However, he said that my white blood cell count was normal so, he was hesitant to go that route (thank God!). so, i stayed overnight.. and in the morning he told me I could go home and just rest for two days and if my symtoms are still there in two days (today) to go see my doctor. Well.. everyday's kinda been a rollercoasted. I was taking tylenol 2's with codeine. (two of them) every 6 hours. I felt ok when i was on them, although they didn't take away the pain. but when they wore off.. omg.. i was the most miserable person ever. i felt like i was dying. my fever would spike and every part of my body would ache and it was just the most awful feeling ever. :((((((((((((((((((((

Today.. things are looking slightly hopeful. I feel slightly better. but i'm boiling and i'm a sweaty mess.. it's gross. I took a shower and as soon as i got out.. my cheeks were flushed and i was sweating buckets and wanted to faint. friggen messed up. My neck is still store.can't move it much. no apetite. no energy. stiffness.. soreness, headache is milder.. i dunno. i don't really want to leave my house and i really don't want to visit my doctor. so, i'm gunna wait til tomorrow and maybe i'll go. i feel like ass. and i'm missing work and school. and this can't be good. but i guess my health should come first for a change. cuz i usually neglect it :((

k.. i need to go lay down.. i feel nauseated. and yuckies. and it's so friggen hot. i can't stop sweating. it's so gross. i'm wearing next to nothing and i feel faint. i want to stand in a freezer. ughhh. friggen shit.

so, if i've been MIA.. that's why. and i'll talk to you all soon. miss yah *hugs*

My birthday was last weekend. it went well. thanks to everyone who came. you guys are awesome. Despite the chill, it was a good time. Next year is the BIG one. Get ready for that.. i'm having a huge party and you all better be there. :)))