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Day 9.

I'm making a note of writing down updates here. i can't really type and i have no energy.

seems i woke up saturday morning feeling much worse with new symptoms. now my limbs were hurting and it got worse all weekend. saw my dr yesterday who immediately filled out a referral and sent me to emerg. he called ahead and spoke to an internist (sp?) and that dr saw me when i got to the hospital. i was feeling so much pain by this point. it's become harder to use my legs. the dr did not test for all the things my dr asked him too because he didn't think i had them. he sent me home shortly after telling me just that i have a “virus” and prescribed me something for the pain.

i am not happy at all. i want answers. and why didn't he do the tests my dr asked him to do? if i had a cough or something, maybe a “virus” would be sufficient explanation... but it's going over week's time now. what sort of virus leaves you crippled? so, i'm back at square one and feeling worse. i'm laying on the couch right now and that's pretty much everyday for me. i hope i get some answers soon. :(((