All her dreams are made of strawberry lemonade . . .


I haven't really posted a real post in quite some time so, I thought I'd quickly throw something out there to update all you wonderful people.

First things first.. well, my computer is busted. So, that's how come I haven't really been online much. I sneak some time on my sister's laptop when she's home and when I'm home. Which isn't all that much lately.

School's started. I'm actually really excited about it.. I kinda wasn't at first.. but I grew tired and worn from the hours at my work. Not because of the long hours per se.. but because of the total bullshit that is my work. I feel for my manager and the shit she has to put up with. .. and well, since I don't have to put up with it.. I won't. So, back to school for me. I'm just glad it's only a part time gig for me. I would lose my mind if I were there permanently. How do people in higher positions go about their daily lives with the horseshit upon horseshit they keep piling upon the little people?? Seriously, someone hook me up with a high paying salary position where I can be a total dickwad to people for shits and giggles cuz that's what my degree and my job title decides I can do. GO TEAM GO!!! :)))

ANYHOO.. with that being said... YES! i'm happy to be back in school.. and I'm kinda in a rush.. so, I should hurry and end this. It's my birthday next week. See ya at my partay. Bring beers. and yourself. Should be a blast! and fucking BRMC October 1st. hell fucking yesshhhhh!! and of course.. she wants revenge. october is too sexy for me already. ayyyy papi. ; ))))

K, i'm outtie. Have a freakin fantabulous weekend my peeeeps. hehe