All her dreams are made of strawberry lemonade . . .


August 2nd. I want to go so bad. They are too awesome. and well.. Brandon isn't an eye sore to look at.......... ; )


pirates = sexeh......

k. yah........

Other concerts I wanna see:
Static-X : August 25th
The Birthday Massacre: September 5th
Damien Rice: September 10th
anyone interested........ lemme know

And then... my ginormous bday partay is September 15th. Just a heads up.
*bang bang*


Anonymous said...

Where are you having your GINORMOUS Party anyway?

Giusi. said...

at yer mom's house.


Yah. big birthday backyard bbq bash.

i was asking V how much a keg is and he said he paid like about $200.. i wonder if i should get one or not. cuz he had like lots left over. if enough people are drinkin and some people pitch in for it .. then maybe i can get one. we'll see. KEGGER!! <33