All her dreams are made of strawberry lemonade . . .

I'm addicted to scissors & hairdye. <3

Ok.. so, in my complete boredom.. i decided to hack away at my bangs because.. well, they've been really plain jane boring drab and nasty as of late. You see.. I've been trying to grow out my bangs forever.. and i keep chopping them off.. cuz.. well, i have NO patience whatsoever. with anything. haha so.. it's not growing fast enough for me.. so, i'm getting annoyed.. and it's looking ugly.. and well.. fuck that shit. *chop chop snip snip*.. and VOILA! new funkkkkkkeh bangs. lmao..... well, according to me anyhoo.. bahahaha.

So yah. Here's my before and after pic.. (yah yah.. disregard the shittyness that is me.. i had a long day at work.. being hungover and feeling like total ass. so wudeva.)


(bahaha i love my fucking amused expression in this pic)


(as you can see.. my new hack job is making me alllllll smiles. GAH. i'm a cheezie nerd and you luff it. Rawr.)

weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!! i like it so much better. yep.
and that makes me happy. hehehe.

K.. bed time. nitenite


Anonymous said...

I love it.

Giusi. said...

ahh! thanks!!

& i <3 u.

: ))))

p.s. i pierced my nose.