All her dreams are made of strawberry lemonade . . .

Who's fault is it anyways?

I'm feeling disappointed.
I feel a bit let down.
Cuz I can't seem to find the reason
why no one turns around.
And maybe it's my fault
and perhaps i am to blame
having such high expectations
and doing what's right seems all in vain

I see actions all around me
that just do not add up
I'm feeling pretty low about it
and i think i've had enough.
Dunno how to pretend no more
Dunno quite how to act
Cuz nothing's as it really seems
we're missing all the facts.

of lies and cover ups here and there
and i'm probably guilty too
but did you ever stop and think
that i was only protecting you?
but people will not rest so easily
needing fuel to add to their fire.
and in the long run what is it they get..?
a whole bunch of truths and them left as the liar.

I've lost, in the end, this battle
when it's all been said and done
cuz it's really myself i should blame
for handing you over the gun.
Control of my actions i have
though i never quite seem to know how
so, i try to make sense of the others
and i'm lost more than ever right now.

Everyone's guilty of selfishness
everyone's doing their part
in the game just to win the grande prize
even though we might break someone's heart.
Whether it's yours, or mine or theirs
there's always someone who gets caught
There's no use pointing fingers to blame
We're all left feeling somewhat distraught.

I'm aware that I choose what I'm doing
and it's obvious which things I should change
it's not quite as simple to do though...
when it's your whole life you need to rearrange.
So.. excuse all the mess and confusion
and pardon my lack of concern
while i clean up the wreckage around me
Just another life lesson i've learned.