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Happy Canada Day long weekend!!!

My horoscope today:

This can be a rather juicy Full Moon for you, even if you must exercise self-restraint. Holding back your feelings isn't anything new to you, for you understand the impracticality of your emotions. Now, however, you really don't have a choice. Reality requires that you express yourself conservatively by understating your feelings. Still, you may feel safe by the containment.
Saturday, June 30, 2007

Goodness me!! It's rather juicy.. lol Holding back your feelings isn't anything new to you?? hahahah that's the fucking understatement of the century!!!!!!!! Safe by containment. Yep yep.. we know the drill... keep a safe distance... mum's the word. hush hush darlin. don't tell me cuz it hurts :P

I'm delirious from lack of sleep and overworking. I've been working fulltime for the past month and it's been pretty fabulous because I'm in dire need of the money. Plus.. the store specialist was speaking to me today and wants me to be trained on all these manager duties and was trying to talk me into possibly taking a manager position and moving my way up the corporate ladder towards head office.. but to be honest.. i really don't desire management position within my department.. or even at store level. If anything.. i intend on bypassing that all together and jump straight into head office. I have far more experience that will help me there anyways. But like I said.. that's always something to fall back on *career-wise* if my other goals/ambitions fall through.. but we have time. Lots of it. And right now... it's the freakin weekend.. and i'm outta here!!!

Have a good one people!! *mUaH*


Anonymous said...

Juicy Giusi!