All her dreams are made of strawberry lemonade . . .

The boys are back in town...........

Hell fucking yes. I'm way too excited............................... !!!!!!!!

No Doubt NEWS!!!! *eep*

plus.. i heard No Doubt is performing at Gwen's show in Irvine in the encore.. and i'm so fucking beyond jealous.... AHHH!! so not fair. GRRRRRRRRRRRR....

Read below for some news.. and video.

(although i dunno how ROS was a failure.. considering it's one of my favourite albums lyrically.. pshaw. commercial.. smershial... )


No Doubt is officially on their way back -- and Celebrity Babylon has the EXCLUSIVE photos and video that show just that!

Gwen Stefani’s tour has brought her back into the So Cal area, and given her plenty of time to stop and visit with some old friends, as well as get a little practicing done. Band members Gwen Stefani, 37, Tony Kanal, 36, Adrian Young, 38, and Tom Dumont , 39, announced they would be reuniting to make their sixth album earlier this month and it looks like the ball has already started rolling. We caught them at a private recording studio in Los Angeles on June 21. When we stumbled upon the secret session, CB saw Gwen first, "Oh wait," she told us, "just a sec..." She came out with her three bandmates and said she wanted everyone in the picture, not just her. Celebrity Babylon got these EXCLUSIVE photos that everyone and certainly every music fansite will be talking about!

After the commercial failure of the group’s 2000 follow up album to 'Tragic Kingdom', 'Return of Saturn', they fired back strong with 2001’s 'Rock Steady' which reached number 9 on U.S. charts as well as produced two grammy award winning singles ‘Hey Baby’ and ‘Underneath it All’. The group itself has went through their fair share of hardships in the past, with Tony Kanal and Gwen's public spilt in the nineties almost breaking the band up as well, but that doesn’t seem to be effecting them at all. After the groups hiatus Gwen went solo and released 2004’s 'Love.Angel.Music.Baby.' and followed that album up with 06’s 'The Sweet Escape', but she wasn’t the only person in the group recording, Tom did a solo project calling it Invincible Overlord, and Adrian did the drums on Bow Wow Wow’s 2004 tour as well as recording most of the drum tracks for Unwritten Law’s 'Here’s to the Morning' released in 2005, Tony taking a different route, enjoyed producing several tracks for such movie soundtracks as Adam Sandler’s '50 First Dates'.

During rehearsal we caught former lovebirds Tony and Gwen looking pretty cozy, leaving Celebrity Babylon to wonder, does Tony regret leaving Gwen? If he does that's just too bad, Gwen couldn't be happier with husband Gavin Rossdale, and one year old son Kingston. The band members could be seen in great spirits as well as lounging between sets and waiving Gwen off as she left. Rumors have started stirring that we may not even get a chance to listen to the new No Doubt album until fall of 2008! We here at Celebrity Babylon know that’s a long ways away, so to hold you over we have EXCLUSIVE pictures and video of the group after a practice yesterday in Los Angeles. What’s in store for all of the fans? Who knows, but no doubt, it will probably be B-AN-AN-AS!

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