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It's dead!!

Dood. My computer friggen DIED on me. it's totally and completely DEAD. I'm so fucking broken up over it. Ugh.. I really hope I can retrieve the data on there still. This blows fucking chunks. I can't even afford to get it fixed even if I wanted to.

I'm sneaking time on my sister's laptop.. since she never lives here anymore anyways. HOBO. GRrries.

Work was a tad weird today.. how come I get the feeling that some things were said? I dunno.. maybe I'm just reading into shit too much.. but by the comments I was getting it's hard not to think that. I hope I'm wrong. I would be seriously unimpressed.

Buonanomastico a me. (that means it's my saint name day, you hobo faces. happy San Giuseppe day!! hehe). My dad bought zeppole and force fed me them this morning. greatness. and then i had this insane tummy ache for the rest of the day. pretty fabulous if you ask me.

K.. i REALLY need to finish this paper SOON.. and I mean.. soooooooooooon.

Here's a great oldie video. Good times.


Anonymous said...

Computer time stealer!

OH and Buon Onomastico Giuseppe! HAHAHAHA

Giusi. said...

hhahaha i love how i can't spell my own fukking name saint wishes in italian. what's my second major again??? i forgot!! lmao!!

stealing my ass. who pays the $60/month for the internet connection anyways?? pshaw pshaw and PSHAW> haha

omg.. we had this lecture this morning in class.. and Prof. Bancheri, who was the director of our play, was there too! hahaha omg.. he told everyone how i was in his play.. and the lecturer called me the grand actress. i was so mortified and shrunk back in my seat.. *dies*

Paper is done. handed in. now one more test to go. I HATE GRAMMATICA. I HATE IL CONGIUNTIVO. BURN IN HELL YOU CONGIUNTIVO.. ma va!

ciao ciao. baci..xxxxx.

missc said...

my computer hasn't been acting nice lately.. I think its going to give out on me everday!! I fuckin hate when I am computerless.. its like nothing else matters..