All her dreams are made of strawberry lemonade . . .

Drunk dailing..

you know you want to. but you won't.
even though you really want to.
but you still won't.

damn it.

we went to see my sister's friend's baby the other day.
she was so tiny and adorable.
i couldn't believe how teenie and most precious she was in my arms.
look at her:

i never ever felt that i was emotionally ready for a child.
until now.
i know i'm ready for one. and i want to have kids..
but unfortunately.. everything else in my life isn't ready.
isn't that always the case? of course. :P

school. work. living spaces.
oh .. and of course the most important part..
no husband.. not even a boyfriend. yay! : ))

i'm not in a rush.. i don't feel like my clock is frantically ticking away and i need to hurry and get a move on. i want it to be when everything else seems to fit in.

but i know that's not now.

school's moving slowly ahead.. and i'm happy about it. happier about my decisions and choices.
I'm going start playing soccer again and i'm very happy about that.
my birthday is in a few days.. and i'm happy about that.

but the person i want to spend the most amount of time with.. and share the most amount of things with.. seems to have no clue what he wants.
seems to push me away with everything we do that brings us closer.
i wish so badly he'd open up to me.

this is tearing me up so badly inside.

i have nothing else to add.

i dyed my bangs pink.
and i like them that way.

don't forget my birthday. ;))
it's september 15th.
i'm off to bed now.
sweet dreams to you all.

much love:


missc said...

aww such a cute baby.. I want one too! I can't wait to have kids.. I already got names picked out!

mmm is that a morning picture.. :P

Hey!! at least you got an answer from the boy now.. your not totally in the dark..


Giusi. said...

haha it was a night picture. i didn't straighten my hair. :)))

Anonymous said...