All her dreams are made of strawberry lemonade . . .

Tiny Update.

Just a little brief update on things.

I've decided to switch over completely to blogger from Xanga. I'll continue to use Xanga as my own private/personal journal and use this one as my main public one. With the occassional random blogs I write on myspace.

On the subject of school:
I've started school and have been incredibly busy since then. Been in a bit of a muck trying to get my classes organized and declaring my majors, etc. Just a bunch of paper work, basically. I've managed to clear up my schedule a bit, leaving me more time to work... which is really important for me because I didn't take out any loans for school and I'm paying out of my own pocket for my tuition. Which is a whole LOT. ha... :-/

On the subject of love:
Jeremy is out of the picture. I read back on these entries I've written and I'm terribly confused why I felt the way I did. I mean.. I'm not lying when I say I had such good feelings about this right from the start. But nothing really started to begin with.. and I couldn't have been more wrong about anything than this. So.. I went with my gut instincts this once and they failed me. Because this guy will not open up to me in any way and I can't wait around forever for something to happen. What a shame. :(

On the subject of family:
My sister Franca is moving out this weekend. To her own apartment! She's moved out of the house before, but this is the first time she's moving out all on her own to her own place. I'm excited for her. Can't wait 'til I can finally get my own place! : )))

On the subject of extra-curricular activities:
This play I'm in is proving to be a bit more work than I had thought. The director is constantly picking on me. I've never acted before. I wasn't born and raised in Delia to know the accent perfectly. Oh, and did I mention that everyone else in this play has already DONE the play a few years ago and so, they know it well? Anyhoo.. he's getting on my nerves.
Also, football is starting soon and I'm soooooooo excited (that's soccer for you americanos). Not til October but I'm very excited about it because I haven't been able to play in almost 2 years because I got busy and for some other reasons.

And that's my brief update.
Ciao for now.

Much Love:
~g. xoxo.