All her dreams are made of strawberry lemonade . . .

hey look... it's a post.

Hiya folks.    Lookie who's back!!   meeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!  

Does anyone even read this thing anymore? anyone? Bueller?

Well..... here i am.. Finally got my computer set up the other day and I was like.. hey man.. i got so much crap i can upload and update etc...  So, I should totally do that RIGHT NOW, right??? :))))

Well... There's a whole bunch of new stuff that has happened since I last posted.  For starters, I live on my own now for the past 4 months. Finally moved out of the parental unit.  I'm a big girl now!! :))    and today is officially a year since I've been = at my new work place.  So, it's all cooolio, yO.  Lots of new beginnings for sure.  So, I guess I'll just update with some pix and stuff.   Just a few pertinent pix with a couple of short descriptions. and hopefully you'll get a proper blog the next time. But anyway, here we go....

  • this is me circa 5 months ago.  i was packing my stuff up at home and came across this old leather collar i had got custom made way back in my goth days. haha good times ;-))))

  •  these are all the boxes i needed to pack.. oh yaaaaa boyyy. hehehe :))

  • My new place... and finally having my babies with me!!  this is Halo and Massimo.. the two boys we rescued last year.  They were found with their litter in a plastic bag in a dumpster. People are so messed up. :((((

  • My kitchen!  It's totally adorable and spacious. I love it. :))))  

  • My cousin Lisa came to visit from France for two weeks back in September. Her, my aunt and uncle stayed at my parents house for two weeks and we were up to all kinds of shenanigans for two weeks.  Was fun!  Can't wait to go visit her in France next year!! :)))))

  • My first hair cut in a long long time. Got a graduated a-line bob.. Though this picture was taken two months ago.. so, it's a touch longer now and grown out all blah-like now.  I'll fix it up next month and take a better picture.. with an actual camera and not my cell. :)) Maybe.....  (probably not. haaaa)

  • Me and Carrie up to all kinds of shite as per usual.  That's how we roll. Titz & Bitz for life.  When we gunna start all those blog ideas, girl?? hehe :))

  • Some Halloween times.   I won best costume at my work. Cuz that's how i roll.

  • Close up of my ghastly face. Yep  yep.

  • This is baby Bali.  He is a baby Holstein calf.   He is a rescue at Wishing Well animal sanctuary and I had the most wonderful pleasure of bottle feeding him. He was such a sweet doll.  Totally fell in love with him and those big eyes!  *swoooon*.

  • Me and my girls Denise, Kerri & Tanya.   Been friends with these lovely ladies for 15 years now and i totally adore them.  Such great gals. :)

  • Got to see Moist play last month! SO amazing. WHat a blast from the past.  Took me back to being 18! haha  Mind you, this was the first time i saw Moist and wasn't moshing in the pit.. or drunk.  Times have changed for sure hehe :)

  • David Usher.. dood hasn't changed one bit.

  • Also, got to meet the members of  'In My Coma'.  They opened up for Moist.  Totally cool peeps. and awesome band.  Just listening to their CD right now actually. You should check them out. :)

  • Me and Geo posing up for some Selfies post concert. woot. NXDers 4life.

  • This was that time when I played for the Argonotes last summer... the Argonauts pep band.  Me and my sister had a great time,,,even though she only fake played. haha  What a great experience. I look forward to doing it again next year.  

  • Went to California again this past summer.  This time, we checked out central coast.  Stayed in Avila Beach. How heavenly it was.  I friggen love Cali.  Would totally live there. LOVE IT. 

  • My girl Bethany drove down to Avila and stayed with us for the weekend...and showed us around. Was so good to hang out. Wish you lived closer, girl!!  Miss ya! .xoxo.

  •  Here's a picture of my adorable Christmas tree.  Yup.> Super KAWAIIIII.     And if I don't get to post before then.. i wanna say MERRY CHRISTMAS to all of you!  HAve a wicked awesome Holiday!! :)))


That's pretty much all.. I'm sure there's lots more to type and tell.. but it's 1am.. and i'm hella tired and wanna crash cuz I'm a little itty bitty old lady now.  Oh ya.. my sister Franca got married in January.  I don't have a photo.. and can't seem to find any for some reason.   But her and Michelle had a lovely ceremony in Niagara Falls and we all attended and it was very touching!     So, that's pretty much it.    I hope to update a bit more and be more active with my vlog channel once i get all settled into my new place and stuff...  You'd think i'd be settled after 4 months.. but no such luck. haha  Anyoo.. That's just a quick glimpse of my life right now.   Hope to write more soon.  Take care. :))))   .
~G.  xoxo.

I wanna write  a special dedication to Zodi who passed away two months ago today.    He was such a beautiful and special boy.  We are going to miss you forever.  Such a gentle and loving soul he was.  You will forever remain in our hearts.   You were the face of sweetness, gentleness and loveliness. A great and bright light went dim that day... and the sadness that overtook our hearts was immeasurable. :(((((    Rest in Peace forever dear sweet baby boy. We love you so much.. no one more than your  momma Carolina.  *hugs*  Love you both.  .xoxo.   RIP Zodiac.