All her dreams are made of strawberry lemonade . . .

all i know is that i should...

i feel as if life is just one trial after another. i fight so hard everyday to carry on and be a hopeful person.. and i am. i really am. then tragedy besets us over and over again. and you're left wondering.. what the heck is the bloody point? why raise yourself up to these highs only to come crashing down to these incredibly low lows..?

well, you see.. those highs are worth their weight in gold and more. i won't let that drag me down. i know i'm feeling low at this very moment.. but this too shall pass. i can do anything. and i'm so thankful for the ones around me whom i love. they're my foundations and without them, i know it would not be easy to carry on through all these difficult times that have come and gone.. some worse than others. we need to cherish the amazing things that grace our lives every single day. there's no telling when it will be gone.

be kind. be genuine. be honest and be true. be sweet and nice. be a good soul. be romantic. be loving. be caring. be courageous and strong. be you and be no one else but you. stand up for what you believe in. and stand up for those whom you believe in too. be hopeful. be spectacular. be helpful and generous. be right instead of wrong. be there for others. be open. be accepting.
just make sure to be something that you will never look back on and say.. i wish i have never been that way. be better. be much much better.

look to the good things in life.. and let them and your loved ones carry you through into calmer waters. because i know these waves can be so dark, cold and turbulent at times.. and no matter how far down you get thrown sometimes.. remember that it can't rain all the time.

here's to that which makes us stronger.. and sharing our strengths and happiness with the ones that we love. here's to bright memories that remain and shedding the dark ones. here's to sunshine that always breaks through the clouds in the end.

i'm so very thankful for all the sunshine in my life. i'm so very thankful for all the love.

~ Riposa in pace Bernardetta
. you were a bright bright flame in this life and you left an amazing legacy behind.. one that has impacted my life so so much. and so many other people's lives as well. you will never be forgotten. ~