All her dreams are made of strawberry lemonade . . .

'Cause it was what I wouldn't do...

Just swimming.

It's funny how things seem to be recycling themselves over and over again all around you. And by one way or another... you get dragged into that spin cycle again. Not by choice. Never by choice.

Because it was never about making the choices that you wanted to make.
No. Because we all know what we all would choose instead.
We would want to choose to succumb... to give in... to drown in it.

But instead, it was only about the choices you make..... that you had to make.
Lest you drown forever..... with such sweet suffocation.. and sorrow.
Worst than any addiction one can have. One can kick.

Here's to all the strangled souls who have made these decisions.
Here's to coping and trying to pacify the fire within.
Here's to one more day that you've done it.
Here's to me and you. and you. and also you.

Happy Friday.

much love:
~G .xoxo.