All her dreams are made of strawberry lemonade . . .

I think I'm coming down with something...

Insomnia sucks the bag. Seriously.. one of the many lovely symptoms of my lil'autoimmune disorder that i gots. good times. I'm aching all kinds today.. ouch. :((((

So, I start school on Tuesday and I'm excited about it. I can't wait to dive straight into all those lectures and discussions. Good times. : ))) Hopefully I'll have time to join wind symphony this year. I'm gunna be a lil' sad though cuz loads of my friends won't be there this year.. (Kurttttttt i misss you already!! *tear*)

As most of you already know.. (ha.. ya right!) I'm a huge fan of the Joe Fresh line by Loblaws.. huge (EEEEEEEEEUUUUGE!) supporter! Not many people know.. but the designer who designs for the label used to be Club Monaco's designer. So, it's really awesome stuff.. super great quality.. and DIRT cheap. yes.. i strongly recommend it to everyone. I bought some new school duds there today. It was pretty exciting cuz they were playing the entire L.A.M.B CD while i was in there.. so, I got to listen and shop.. very good times. err.. except when Serious came on.. haaa.. i'm the biggest spaz in the world for real. I'll be the first to admit it. i'll never be able to get my emotions in check. the song used to be someone's ringtone... so, i kinda got a little teary eyed when it came on. yah.. i know. i have issues. : / apparently.. hey.. i'm upset. i won't deny it. but what can ya do?

errrr.. yah. so, moving along. My cell phone is SO busted right now. Completely broken. Fukkkked to the core. And even my old spare one is messed up. So.. i have no access to any of my contacts.. so, i'm so so sorry if yer not hearing from me.. i don't have yer number. so, leave me a voice message or sumpin and i'll check it from another phone. don't even try to text message me.. cuz there's no way in hell i can read them or will ever get them. I have to try and get a spare from someone.. cuz i refuse to pay to repair my phone cuz stupid ROgers are robbers and BIG TIME fuckers... so, i wanna wait til my contract gets renewed.. (in the new year) so i can get a new phone.. which is virtually for free.. :P The only reason i still have Rogers as my network.. is cuz i still have my corporate plan contract from when I worked at the hospital. and it's CHEAPPPPP... hah soooo yah. suck IT!!! in the meantime.. if any of you lovely people have a spare celly lying around from Rogers.. and you wanna be sweet and lend it to me.. i'd love ya forever and ever. amen. yep. thanksssssssss

K.. it's nearly 3am.. and i have to friggen crash.. i can't even hold my head up anymore................. Zzzz.. err. nightnight.xoxox. : ))

I'll leave ya with the song of the day....... Serious by Gwen Stefani.