All her dreams are made of strawberry lemonade . . .

How do you do the things you do sir?

I'm not really sure how everyone else thinks and why they act the way that they do.. and I can't begin to imagine why. It's not something you'll ever learn. It's sure to drive you stark raving mad.. cuz you're left questioning the reason of things and how the very people you care about so much .. could be the ones that hurt us so so much. When there's something more to come.. but then nothing to come out of it.. When you were tied up and then strung along.. with no real destination. And there's nothing I can do but to walk away and let it bleed dry.. accept the plan.. and move ahead. And know that my love is worth so much more than that.

Of a flame that once burned so brightly. A flame that once lit up my whole entire life. A fire so deep and wide, it engulfed me throughout the years.

A flame... that has finally gone completely out.

This will be my last post on here. Goodbye.