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Thank You. ♥

The past few weeks have been really hard for me. I'm going through a rough patch I guess you can say. Mainly with the stress of my parents health, my own health.. school starting.. these long ridiculous hours I've been working and it being a new job on top of that.. and then.. this very tiring and mournful matter of the heart that has taken all that was left completely out of me.. which I never thought could be possible... but it was. :(

Today, the young girls I've been training all week surprised me with a 'Thank You' card. I was so touched by their action and it really brightened my day. They were so thankful that I was training them and how nice and helpful and patient I was being with them (even though it's just part of my job.. ) that they went out of their way to choose a card for me and sign it with some very nice, thoughtful words. This has got to be one of the sweetest things ever and it meant so much to me. The highlight of my day.. my week! It's so very nice to know there are genuine people who really do care out there.. and maybe all is not in vain. Who knows.. but I'm very thankful for them to have shown me their own gratitude with this extremely sweet gesture of theirs.

A little Thank You.. really does go a very long way. :)))