All her dreams are made of strawberry lemonade . . .


it's meeeeeeeee! and all seems to be fine and dandy in the world that is giusi.
6 months has gone by with the most lovely person by my side. love is a beautiful thing indeed.

so... since this year seems to be coming to an end, i'd like to end it off with things i need more of in my life. So here's my list........................... hold on tight!!! ^__^

{ -- Giusi's Top 10 List -- }
.: of what she needs more of in her already fruitful life :.

1. BLOGGING: Yes..yes.. i say it over and over again that I suck at keeping up with my blog. I'm mostly busy all the time. But seeing as my path is going to change yet again.. i think i'm going to need more organization in my life.. with all the chaos around me constantly.. i need some consistency of things i love to do. and this is one of them. w00t w00t.

speaking of which.. i'd like to shoutout my new favourite blog Hawaii Kawaii Blog ... it has super duper amazingness explosion ALL the time.. and it's most adorable and lovely. I'm in love with it's cuteness galore!! ^__^

and of course... and old favourite.. the cute institute.. never fails to impress with it's uber kawaii vectors and great stuffs. be sure to check them both out and favourite them!!

2. FOTO TAKING: My foto taking skillz seems to be limited cell fone snaps and instagrams as of late. a very limited and cheating method if you ask me. I hope to take more time in my new year to focus on photography as i used to. I barely take pix of myself anymore either.. lol what's up with that?? hahaha my poor Flickr has been neglected so much in the last few months. It's time to get snapping again and photoshopping. I miss my cool edits... which brings me to my second edition of a 365. Which I am unsure when i will resume.. I'm currently working on scrapbooking my first one. I'm not even a quarter of the way done. 365 pix is a lot to get through.. i'm barely up to foto #30! hahaha lazy bones that i am. but hey.. i will get there.. slowly but surely!!! :D

3. HEALTHY HABITS: I've reached a totally yucky point in my life in terms of health and how i feel and look etc.. last year I injured my ankle badly in soccer (football)... and well, ever since then.. it's never been the same. It's in constant pain.. I can no longer exercise or walk for long or anything. I'm not sure what to dealio is.. and it's undoubtedly my own fault for leaving the injury alone thinking it was just a mild sprain and going off gallivanting in New York city.. walking 8 hour days from upper manhattan to Greenwich village & Soho.. and then re-registering to soccer whilst it was still completely effed up. Good job girl! needless to say.. my ankle is totally FUBAR right now. and with that.. came yuckie emotions and all those lovely girly things we get... which in turn meant i put on a whole whack load of weight. which sucks. A LOT!!! so, i'm determind to change that and get back to the part i was this time this year.. which was pretty alright! and maybe even better. But it's a hard thing to do with the pain of my ankle.. hopefully, leaving my job will help a bundle.. as I'm sure it added to the wreckage of my injury.. but we'll see. it shall be amazing once again.. or close to it. I can't wait to become a healthier more in tune me. Right now I'm consulting with a naturopathic nutritionist to aide in my journey to inner wholesomeness. wish me LUCK!!! :))))))

4. INK: yesssssssss I need more INK in my life. hahahaha I have a whole series of tattoos I need to get sooon. I've been waiting on forever! THere are two that i have drawn out myself that I have been waiting on.. and i'm going to get one this month I've decided. Waiting forever is just nonsense. and i've waited a long time already. It's been 3 years since my last one. Time for new lovely ink on me. ANd POOOOOO to the people who have anything negative to say about it. Suck it. I govern my own body. You govern yours.

5. HARAJUKU LOVERS BAG: I've been dying to get a Harajuku lovers bag forever... and a super cute one.. the knock off one i own from Pacific Mall is cute.. but not enough. I want a real one. NOW. lol and i'm SOOO upset that when I went to Macy's in the US last weekend they weren't even CARRYING THEM! what is UP with that?? darn it all to HELL man! anyhoo.. i have my sights set on this particular one that i wanted from the start... hope i get it. ;)))

6. FRUITS & VEGGIES: hahaha you'd think being a vegetarian would mean i eat plenty of these.. but believe me when i say.. IT's a MYTH!!! lol... i'm probably more of a CARBATARIAN than anything else. ... ( i swear it's CUZ OF my ITALIAN roooots.. i lubbb my pasta and breads!! nom nom nom!!) which is totally bad bad bad for you. Let me make that clear.. not to say that carbs are bad for you.. cuz they're totally not.. and you need your 6-8 servings of whole grains per day! but most of us aren't even getting the good kinds of whole grains you should be having. like all those white breads and crusty breads.. mostly bad for you.. the wheat has been so processed and bleached..and the more refinery done to our wheat and such.. the worse for you. SO.. i need to curb my delicious starchy foods.. and opt for healthier ones.. and include WAY WAY more fruits in my life. I'm fruit deprived in a major way. i know.. horrible. *sad face*... so i'm gunna stuff my face with a billion apples and pears and such this new year. i PROMISE!! hehehe :))))))) i guess my title of *fruitful* life is a LIE isn't it?? Haaaa i'm so funnny.... *eyeroll*...

7. VACATIONS: oh yaaaaaaaah boy!!! I know i went to Myrtle beach this summer.. but it wasn't much of a vacation cuz i felt like we were arguing all week.. family trips can get a little tense like that sometimes.. hehehe so, hopefully me and my boo can plan something totally rad and amazing for the new year. but we'll seeeeeee... in the meantime.. i'm planning a california Trip to go visit my TOTALLY rad and Amazing friend Miss Puss whom i ADORE like MAD! cuz she's so totally wicked and awesome and a truly special and fantastical person!! i swear! since she already made the trek here (and in the SNOWWWWWWW TOO!) i'm gunna cart my ass over there.. cuz i've been dying to go to cali forever! my other friend who lives in San Diego may get a mini visit too.. we shall see. She may come up to see me though. but anyhoo.. VACATIONS ARE IN MY NEAR FUTURE!! yippeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! ^__^

8. MORE CONCERTS: I'm actually super duper insanely jealous and sad that a certain someone is at some concert right now with TAKING BACK SUNDAY, BUSH and SUBLIME!!!!! and i'm NOT!! and they don't even LIKE THESE BANDS!!!! *HMPH*... the sweet words "i wish you were here with me" isn't very comforting at the moment... waaaaaaaaaaah!!! so cryin on the inside.. and the OUTSIDE even!! i'm jealous of you. a lot. a lot a lot. not only do i not get to see you for an ENTIRE WEEK.. but you have to rub it in and go watch all these flippin bands i adore. THANKS A BUNCH baby! *GRRRRRRRRRRRRR* so.. with that said.. i definitely plan on seeing more shows this year.. cuz i'm jonzin hardcore for music and live shows. I saw Taking Back Sunday already this year.. so i don't feel totally horrible about it. I love them a lot... :))) but i'm scanning ticketmaster constantly for BUSH to come to TOronto. HURRY UP! the kills have a show in the new year. i'd love to go see them. they are pretty amazing! :))))) let's see what else is out there for me!! yay MUSIC! yay BANDS! yay ya YA YA YAYA!!!!!

9. SYMPHONY: soooooooooo.. this lady at my work says that she volunteers for the toronto symphony all the time.. and they always look for people.. i'm totally into the idea of doing this! i'm looking into it as we speak and getting some extra funds to repair my poor clarinet *sad face* that broke during my last year in wind symphony at YOrk U. waaah! the poor lill thing..... once i get it all fixored up, i'm gunna practice a shitload and email all these places in Toronto and see what i can do. the feeling of playing in an ensemble is incomparable.. trust ME! it is the most fulfilling feeling ever.. and it's so beautiful and vibrant and i cannot wait to be part of that again. so..i really sincerely hope to get going towards that soon soon SOON! :))))

10. BORING HAIR: actually.. this is what i'm gunna "need" in the new year.. but DON'T want.. :((((((((((((( and i'm dreading it a lot.. so, i'm gunna have super insane hair for the next few weeks to get it out of my system. Seeing as I'm gunna have to start interviewing for some job positions in the new year, I'm totally gunna need grown-up boring hair.. and that makes me super duper sad.. you have NO idea!!! i have like semi shaved punky hair with all kinds of pink and rad colours all over it for the past little while.. and to know i have to get rid of all that to find myself a job makes me very tearful and sad. Stupid world and it's conformists. You suck the bag! a lot.. :(((((((((((((((((((((((((

sooooooooooooooooo... there you have it. My lovely list of things i need in the new year. of fabulouslessness (and no so fabuloussness..) but hey. dems the breaks. I'm happy to write new stuffs. and i wish very merry love to everyone. I can't believe it's already December! wowwieee! Happy end of the year to ALL! Be good for SANTA! and mostly for you!

much love:
~Giusi .xoxo.


Spyder said...

1. Crazy hair works well in lots of jobs. It really depends on what you want in life.

2. Myrtle Beach: focus on the good things about the vacation so you remember it with fondness: warm sand, hot sun, big waves, lazy river, pizza buffet, shopping, crazy storm. It was nice to get away and hang out with everyone and the arguing was no different than what life used to be like when we all lived together. I miss you guys all the time.

3. Volunteering is AWESOME! It's so great to do something you love because you love it. It's rewarding in immeasurable ways.

missc said...


lets get ink together.. i wan cupcakes with stars. :)

an keep blogggin.. dont stop.. even tho i am just as lazy but im trying :)

Unknown said...

I want more Harajuku Lovers bags and tattoos too! I wouldn't mind a new l.a.m.b bag also. I miss getting tattoo it's been just over a year for me. I've already started putting money away for my next one.