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Fugly has a new look this summer!

These sandals are practically in every store this summer and adorned on the feet of many Torontonian ladies. If it's not these tall ones.. they're the shorter version of them.. which are still NOT attractive. TRUST me. Ok.. I'm seriously in LOVE with footwear and their supreme sexiness and most kick-ass-edness.. lol yes, i make up my own words. BUT LADIES.. these shoes are friggen gross and nasty and butt ugly.. no.. they are FUGLY FUGLY FUGLY. they do not make you look like some exotic Egyptian princess. They're gunna give you some funky ass tan on yer legs.. and that's always trés sexy.. right? right?? ;)))

anyhoo.. TWO THUMBS majorly down for this summer's big sandal trend.


Anonymous said...

Barf! I would never wear them unless they were part of a costume for a play or halloween get-up!

Anonymous said...

not only are they ugly, but they look like they take waaaay to long to assemble. PASS.

Unknown said...

Ok i admit those shoes are kinda gross but i have seen the same kind of pair but not as high. Still ugly but i saw them on this one girl and they actually didn't look half bad.

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