All her dreams are made of strawberry lemonade . . .

Hello, my name is Giuseppina..and I'm a sing-a-holic.

haha.. yah..there's no other way to put it. and to top it all off, I'm incredibly obsessed and addicted with this karaoke site called singsnap.. I have over 200 recordings on there. Some videos too..some damn hilarious videos too with props and wigs and friends and sisters.etc. haha always a fun time.
: )))))

Anyhoo, I just found out i can link them onto sites and stuff.. so, i'm gunna post the last song I just did.. and it's not very good at all.. lol... but i'm not really caring. I know i'm not the best singer out there. Plus, I got a wicked ass sore throat/cough thing happening right now which was killer while I was trying to sing this song. But anyhoos.. i likes it. so, i'm going to TORTURE all your asses with my craptacular singing. bahahaha don't be too mean. please. thanks. : )))))


So. here it is. My great big fantastical singing debut on blogger. w00t w00t!