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Feeling hot hot hot..........!!!

I'm bored out of my effin skull right now. It's WAY scorching hot inside my house (or perhaps just this room..?) Everyone seems to be out of town or at some other function and I'm left to my own devices.. hrmm..that can't be a good thing.. hahaha *here comes trouble*.... oops.
; )))

ANYHOO... rather than fill this page with random crapola that's just jibberish to thine eyes... why don't you take a look at THIS instead. I'm putting together a mini portfolio of some photos i've taken... specifically animal ones. My sister's friend wants me to start snapping pet photos for people. Plus.. I'll be volunteering and taking pix of the dogs at the Last Chance K9 Rescue shelter to put up on their site so that people can view the puppies and adopt them. I'll have more information for that once her page is up and running.

Lemme know what you think of the pix.. yah yah.. i'm an amateur.. but i have loads of other good ones.. but editing photos takes quite a bit of time and i have to find them all and put them together when i have more time.... which is not now. cuz .. it's way too stankin hot. Ew.

Here's the link again: Pet Fotos.

Have a great long weekend!! : )))



David said...

Lots of those look really professional.

Like the peacock and the one with the purple horse thing could probably win competitions.