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Choose your battles wisely.

Some people may wonder why I sometimes refrain from speaking my mind to various people along my path in life.

The truth of the matter is.. there's so much more to get out of life than to waste on useless things. You need to pick your battles.

There are two things.

The things that matter... and the things that don't.

The ones that don't really matter in the grand scheme of things.. you kinda brush off and walk away from and don't waste your energy on such matters.. because the truth of it all is that even if you chose to stay and speak those words you've wanted to speak.. you know it won't so much as make a dent in anything. Either it's the same story over and over again or those people are just so wrapped up in themselves they wouldn't even know how to begin to really take to heart what you've just told them. You just end up consuming all this energy and wasting so much effort on something so futile. Or you end up being the person who gets shit on and stepped on repeatedly with no care or concern for not even a second.. even if it may sometimes appear that way for a brief moment.. please, don't kid yourself. We all know how the story goes. We've all been there before. We know it from start to finish. So, you know when the time is to get up and walk away from such things in life.

Then there's the ones that matter. Those are the most important ones. They are the ones you need waste your time on. The ones that you'll pick up the phone to speak your mind to when you're upset or bothered or just something is rubbing you the wrong way. The ones you think about and hope they're ok. The ones you gladly do a favour for and are always rooting for them to succeed no matter if it's your way or not. The ones you hope never turn into the ones that don't matter.

So, my friends.. the real deal here is.. why would I waste my time with confrontation with insignificant moments.. or with things you are so against that it sickens you to even be near them? Why do that when I can waste my time with the things that really matter to me? Where I really matter to them as well..?

I think people are asking the wrong questions.
I think people should choose their battles with much more care & thought.

Or maybe I'm just a silly girl rambling on again.. but I'm only speaking with what rings true to my heart. Which is a lot more than I can say for a whole slew of others who float on through life with such facades and cherades masking their true feelings and thoughts.

That's my thought of the day.

And on that note.. I hope everybody had a most wonderful new years and just so you know, this year is going to be pretty fantastic. I know it. You know it. Go team go! : )))))))))

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much love:

"How'd I get so faithful to my freedom...?"


Anonymous said...

you're so philosophical josie. i love it.
PS: i agree about the new year. its going to be awesome.